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15 February 2021
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Hello friends, if you are planning for a new business or are having a business but are thinking to take it online than I have come up with the fresh new trending app Dukaan by Khata Book.

The main thing that the app does is it helps you launch your online store in just 30 seconds.

Dukaan by Khata book allows you to create beautiful product catalogs on your phone.

You can share the catalogs with your customer very easily.

Also, the app allows you to share your catalogs on various social media such as Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp, Facebook,
Instagram etc.

Khatabook also offers his other most successful Khata Book-Udhar bahi khata app.

This app is available in over 150 countries and presently supports the English language.

When I have written this article the app has been rated 4.8 stars are around 500,000+ downloads.

What is Dukaan by Khata Book?

As mentioned earlier it is the app that helps you to take your business online in just 30 secs.

The app allows you to create your online store within seconds and start getting orders.

Through this app, we can see and manage all the details of our products.

We can view the sales report of the day, week, and even of the whole month.

It has 0 fees on a transaction that means they do not take any commission from you on any order.

It is quite an interesting and useful app.

Now mainly,

For Whom is Dukaan is for?

It is the general app for who wants to sell any kind of products online.

It is extremely useful for the following businesses.

  • Grocery shops.
  • Restaurants.
  • Fruits and vegetable stores.
  • Electronic shops.
  • Clothes, Jewellery, or Furniture stores.

There are many unique features provided by the Khata-By-Dukaan app.

Features of Dukaan by Khata Book App

  1. Manage Products and catalogs
    • Add new products and set prices
    • Edit existing product prices
    • Turn on or off product availability
    • Delete Products
    • Manage Categories
  2. Process orders
    • Fulfill orders
    • Reject orders
    • Archive orders for your store
  3. Review Store Performance
    • View sales reports by day, week, or month.
    • Download your sales reports
  4. Sell on more Sales Channels
    • Share your store with anyone on Whatsapp/Facebook.
    • Share specific product or catalog on Whatsapp/Facebook

There are many other additional features also that are available in the Dukaan app.

Additional Features.

  • 0% fees on transactions
  • Multiple devices support
  • Generate business cards and share with others
  • Manage your inventory and product variants easily
  • Smart product recommendations in your shop for your customers.

Now one of the important things how can we download this amazing app.

So here we will discuss how can we download the Dukaan app.

How To Download Dukaan by Khata Book App?

This app is available on Google Playstore but if you find difficulty in finding the app from there, then you can download it from here.

How to use Dukaan by Khata Bookapp ?

  1. After downloading the app the first thing to do is choose the app language.
  2. Enter your Whatsapp Number.
  3. After that, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Then add your Business Details like business name, Country, Address.
  5. As you complete filling your details your online store will be created instantly.
  6. You can share product/catalogs/store links with anyone on Whatsapp.
  7. Now you can start taking your order and after completing you can mark the order as delivered.
  8. From the Account menu, you can update or change your details.
  9. From the Category option, you can add and delete the created categories.
  10. We can also change the delivery charges from the account settings.

Dukaan by Khata Book-FAQ

  1. Is this app free?
    Yes, this app is absolutely free and also it does not take any commission on any transactions.
  2. Is this app available on App Store?
    Unfortunately but it is not available on App Store.


Presently there are over 12000 stores that are already using this app for there online business.

Many are sharing their products on Whatsapp also.

So, we can say that the app is a successful app and is worth using.

I hope you guys will enjoy using this app and for more such interesting apps please refer to my articles.

I have written many articles on different apps like Microsoft Teams Download, Public-Indian Local Videos.

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