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Today we will get the knowledge, about India’s Top Most Growing Android App Khata Book-Udhar bahi khata, Ledger Account Book. Khata Book (Ledger Account Book) – Replace your traditional Udhar bahi khata by a new digital ledger cash book.

About Khata book app

Khata book app is the best app for business people. Because using this app, the shop can be easily managed. Even after lending, usually, accounts have to be written in many places.

Even if computerized, a person keeps track of it, but through this app, the shopkeeper himself can monitor the entire account. The special thing is that information related to SMS reaches the SMS.

Key Features of Khata Book-Udhar bahi khata

  • 100% Free, Safe and Secure
  • Free SMS updates to your customers on every transaction
  • Automatic and Secure Online Backup
  • Create Personal Khata books to manage udhaar/len-den of your friends & family
  • Send WhatsApp payment reminder to your customers
  • Manage multiple shops within one app
  • Download your Customers PDF Report
  • Use one khata book account on Multiple Phones
  • Set payment reminder date for your customer
  • Secure your account book using App Lock

With this ledger Cash Book you can also:

  • Add a customer to Khata Book
  •  Edit Customer Information
  • Add Transaction done by Customer
  • Edit old transactions of your hisab kitab app
  • Delete Transaction from your account book
  •  Call customer to remind about pending payments directly from Khata Book app
  •  Whatsapp customer to inform about pending payments, increase your udhar recovery
  • Easy Backup & restore Khata Book data
  • Simple and easy to use design to manage your Udhar khata
  • Add Udhar Jama anytime, anywhere
  • Your Hisab Kitab app in your pocket
  • This digital Cash Book is completely free to use
  • 100% accurate and reliable khata book is a great len den app
  • Tally for mobile

Khata Book is proudly made in India ❤️❤️

Let’s install the Khata book app in the play store. Or you can download and install the khata book app by clicking on the link given below.

Download Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata (Ledger Account Book)

Which we see something like this.

Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata (Ledger Account Book)

After opening the Khata book app, we select the language in the app.

Khata Book - Udhar Bahi Khata

Now OTP will come on the number we have given and the second page becomes open once verified.Khata Book - Udhar Bahi Khata

  • Select Personal or Business and click on the Next button.
  • Let’s write your name in Your Name.
  • Write the name of your account in KhataBook Name.

Home Screen

Write your business name in Business Name and click on Next button.
Now we click on the new customer given below.

Khata Book - Udhar Bahi Khata

  • If we have the name and number address of the customer then add. After inserting the name and phone number, click on the Next button.
  • Now as soon as we click on next, we see the name of that customer in red and green.
    The option of Red has to fill the payment that we have taken from someone.
  • Now if we send a message to the customer then we can send the message.
    And thus by setting in khata book app, you can easily manage your business transactions.

To get more information related to Khata book app, click on the video given below.

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