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22 August2020
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Recently, the Indian government had banned 59 Chinese apps. Among them are app heads such as TikTok, UC News. Tiktok had immense popularity in India. Tiktok had over 12 crore users every month. After the ban, domestic companies are vying to fill this space. In this context, MX Player has launched the MX taka tak app.

After the ban of tiktok in India, An app like Chingari, Moj, Roposo is most downloads app in India.

On the other hand, famous and popular social media app  Instagram is introduced reels feature that same work as tiktok and popular song app gaana is also introduced, hotshots feature that work like tiktok.

What is MX Taka Tak app?

Some of them are also gaining popularity. In this episode, the video player and video streaming platform ‘MX Player’ has launched its new short video app ‘TakaTak’, which is considered as an alternative to the Chinese short video app ‘TikTok’. Used to be.

At present, ‘TakaTak’ is available only for Android users, which can be downloaded from Google Play-Store. But it is expected that this app will be launched on Apple’s App Store soon.

The TakaTak app is also similar to TikTok which allows users to create videos. Here, users can make fun videos, watch, and also share on social media. This app also allows users to have different services of video like dialog dubbing, comedy, gaming, DIY, food, sports, memes. Users can download it from Google’s Play Store.

Right now the first version of ‘Takatak’ is on the play store, which is available in 9 languages ​​besides English. The company claims that more than 50,000 people have downloaded it. ‘Takatak’ has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the play store. The user interface of ‘Takatak’ is similar to ‘tiktok’.

Key features of MX TakaTak app

The first reason to use this app is that this one is made in India so that’s the main reason 😉.

This app allows users to browse trending and short funny videos. Apart from this, users can watch around 10,000 status videos.

Which languages ​​are available?

Users can create funny content in languages ​​like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and English through Taka Tak.

In this, users can share videos of the language of their choice. The interface is somewhat similar to Tiktok of the Taka Tak app, due to which its users will feel Tiktok.

What are the features of editing?

Using the editing feature, users can create creative videos and share them online. Apart from this, you can use beauty effects under the beauty cam option. With the help of the video editor option, you can add different videos together and adjust the timing. Along with all these features, users also get access to the music library.

MX TakaTak Trending topic 

The trending topic on MX TakaTak is something like this, it is not in trending gaming right now, but in the coming days, gaming trending topic will also be banned.

  • Beauty
  • Fashion-style
  • Dance
  • Lip-sync
  • Singing
  • Tech
  • Jokes
  • Trick
  • Challenge
  • Cooking
  • Comedy
  • Bollywood

How to use MX taka tak application?

If you have to download MX taka tak to use it then you have to create an account in it and then you can upload your own talent video, funny video, acting video, gaming video, and many more videos.

You have been told in detail about all these below, you can easily read all these topics and use the MX taka tak app.

How to download MX taka tak?

if you want to download this MX taka tak application, for download you go to google play store in search MX takatak .you see the MX takatak logo and press the download button.application is download.

you may have difficulty finding this application, I am here to give a link to this application so you may download it easily.

How to upload videos on MX taka tak?

for upload video on MX taka tak application follow the steps:

  1. first off all open MX taka tak
  2. press center + (Plus) icon.
  3. after a click on the + (plus) icon, you see 3 options.
    • Shoot: you can record video.
    • Edit Video:  you can choose a video from the Gallery.
    • Edit Image: you can edit your image.
  4. after selecting the video you can see the next button. Press the next button.
  5. Too many options, you see like a filter, effect, music, speed, sticker, and subtitle. choose as according to you.
  6. press the top corner complete button and fill description details using hashtags.
  7. Press the upload button. Wow your MX taka tak video is now ready and uploaded.


After being Chinese tiktok application MX taka tak is best made in India app for social media content creator to create a fan base from his talent.

But friends, I request you all not to make dirty and vulgar videos on this platform like tiktok. You make such videos that all people can see, whether they are left or everyone’s family.

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