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25 February 2021
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Hello friends, welcome to my new article. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most trending apps that is Pagar Book. Along with that, we will also learn how to Download Pagar Book.

This app is free and very easy to use and is made in India. By using this app we can get rid of our old traditional methods of hisab Kitab and remembering all the things.

So, in short, we can say that our old tradition has come now to digital and on our fingertips.

You can also refer to Khata Book – Udhar Bahi Khata, OK credit app for free to do paperwork and reminder to pay a payment.

Even one of the best services provided by this app is of sending messages immediately to the staff members.

The UI of the app is also very cool and user friendly so, it is a very good experience after using it.

What is Pagar Book?

PagarBook is an app-based software for employee Management and is used by all the small and medium business merchants of India.

It is easy to use and can manage employee works and payroll management software app.

From this app, you can manage all your staff and employee’s attendance, record the work done by them, and also their salary.

It is a very efficient app if you are having small and medium-sized shops, factories, and businesses. It works as a digital payments entry book software app for your staff.

When I have written this article the app has been rated at 4.5 stars and installs reach around 1,000,000+.

Benefit Of Pagar Book App

  • Pagar Book helps you manage all your staff details on your phone.
  • Using PagarBook you don’t have to worry about maintaining staff records and remember all the little things.
  • You can easily manage your staff salary digitally.
  • Also, you can manage advanced and pending payment of employees.
  • We can record employee attendance and work timings.
  • Maintain a digital ledger register for tracking the daily work done by the employees.
  • Also, you can calculate daily wedges, manage payroll, manage there hourly, daily, weekly or monthly salary.
  • Can generate billing and salary invoices.
  • Can create job posters and can share with whom so ever you want.

Key Features Of Pagar Book

  1. Easy Employee attendance management software
  2. You can get a report of every employee and share them using WhatsApp.
  3. Manage All Types of Staff
  4. Advance Payments
  5. Reminders and Notification
  6. Payroll Management
  7. Multiple Languages
  8. 100% Auto Backup
  9. Hire Employees.

Which Languages are available?

This app provides many options for choosing language like Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia.

Download Pagar Book

So the link is available here below just by clicking on it we can download this app

How to use Pagar Book App?

  1. The first thing that will appear is the Select Language Page.
  2. Then it will ask you for login by entering your phone number.
  3. After that 5 digits OTP would be sent on the number you have entered.
  4. On the next step, you have to fill all your business details such as name, business name.
  5. Then you have to provide how do you calculate your employee’s monthly salary.
  6. And you are done you will see your home page somewhat like this.
  7. Now on clicking on the add staff button you can add a new staff member.
  8. After adding the members you can take their attendances and fill their data accordingly. Then on the next step, you have to give the Daily staff salary and it differs on the bases of your selected option.
  9. You can create a Job post by clicking on the Hire button.
  10. You can edit every detail you have set on going on the profile menu.

So you are now all set to use this application effectively.

Pagar Book-FAQ

1. What different service is provided by this app?

Sends a notification to all employees immediately. Also is a modern approach to maintaining the records of the employees and is very useful.

2. Is this app available on iOS?

It’s really sad to say but it is not available on iOS. but the company said a very short time app available for iOS users on the App Store.

So after available on the APP Store, you can download Pagar book app.


So in this article, we got the information about how we can cope up with this digital world by using this modern Pagar Book App.

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So guys if you face any problem while downloading than feel free to comment in the following comment area.