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26 February 2021
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Hey friends, today we will see how to download and use one of the best images editing app PickU Photo Editor. Which helps us in creating a photo with the most attractive backgrounds and effects. PickU photo editing is the best app.

In today’s world, we all love photography but the thing is we all are not perfect photographers.

So we need to cut and edit our photos effectively so that it looks just awesome.

And using this app we can do almost what we want to do from just adding the effects of removing the object and changing the background.

We can add high-quality filters for selfies, portrait, nature photo, food, landscapes, and many more.

Can also create amazing pictures and videos as you like using PickU Photo editor.

If you want some high-level photo editor app then definitely refer Snapseed app.

Many custom templates are available using which we can just make our photo look eye-catchy.

There are many filters available as per the occasion and you can also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth, etc.

PickU app is an all-in-one easy to use photo editor app which can change the background, erase background, blur photo, and portrait beauty effects.

What is the PickU Photo Editor app?

PickU photo editor app is easy to use photo editor for photo cutout.

Including photo editing, there are many things inbuilt included which are very useful.

By using this app we can do professional photo editing like blur the photo, crop, rotate, portrait beauty effects.

By using this app we can make people feel like they are just clicked on a DSLR even if they are not.

DSLR blur effects are a perfect combination of portrait and beauty effects. You can use it for focus photo, Blur Background, Blur Pictures, etc.

There are many cutout templates available inside the app. With cutout templates, we can make complicated art with only one tap.

Can also create the photo collage of up to 9 photos and also do relevant photo editing.

After we choose the photo on which we want to add template we are almost done because after that we don’t need to apply
any type of effect.

Features of the PickU app?

  • AI photo cutout.
  • Blur Photo Editor.
  • Cutout Templates.
  • Art Filters.

How to Download the PickU photo editor app?

The app is available on Google Play Store but if you find any difficulty in finding the app then you can just download it from here.

How to use the PickU photo editor app?

  1. After you have downloaded the app and as you open it you will see many templates present.
  2. By clicking on the category you will see a more organized template according to categories.
  3. By clicking on the middle “+” option there are three options available Edit, Cutout, and college.
  4. When you click on the edit option you have to give certain permission and it will take you to your phone’s gallery. From there you can choose a photo that you want to edit and it will be opened in the editor.
  5. Then by clicking on the cutout option, you have to select the portrait photo, and the rest of the work of cutting the photo is done by the app.
  6. By clicking on the college option you have to select the photos that you want to add in the college and choose a layout. Can also do somewhat editing in it.
  7. By going to the settings option you can change the basic settings like Mirror Mode, Status Reminders, Screenshot Edit, AI cutout, etc.
  8. We can also upload Background from the settings menu from which you can choose pictures and choose a category but it will only work if you have logged in on Facebook.

So it is quite interesting and easy to use the app with a lot more creativeness.

PickU Photo Editor -FAQ

  1. Is the app free to use?
    Well, Yes the app is almost free but there are some templates that are need subscriptions.
  2. Is the app available in the App Store?
    No, the app is not available.


So in this article, we got the information about how to download and use PickU Photo Editing App for making photos and videos.

We can say that the app contains almost all the features and tools that are required for one to completely edit the photo and wants to make a photo look perfect.

Our aim is to make the public aware of this type of fun-loving and really helpful application that is coming daily with something new.

So if you want to know more about such types of new apps read my other articles.
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I hope you guys liked this article and do share it with your friends and colleagues for blog support.

If you face any problem anywhere then feel free to comment in the following comment section.