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Top 10 Open Source Android Apps

Looking for open source Android apps? Consider these  Hey guys, contributing to open source software can really improve your programming skills. You will learn how to work with many people in a real project and how to understand others’ code. I hope this helps you if so let me know below and also tell us if you ever contributed to Top 10 Open Source Android Apps.




Telegram is a super popular messenger app and probably WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. It advertises full encryption, large groups, lots of administration options, and more. Just by looking at its code, you will learn a lot!

GitHub: Telegram



Everybody knows Firefox. If you contribute to this open-source project, you can be sure to learn tons of new stuff regarding the web and all its facets.

GitHub: Firefox



With NextCloud you can set up your own cloud on your computer. The Nextcloud app then connects to that cloud so you can basically use your computer as cloud storage.

GitHub: Nextcloud

4)Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon

To also mention a game on this list, Pixel Dungeon is a very popular one that is fully available as open-source project. It is a 2D game where the player needs to navigate through dungeons, find treasures, and defeat enemies. Give it a shot.

GitHub: Pixel Dungeon



Orbot is a very interesting app. It makes use of the concept of TOR (The Onion Router) and is used to conceal your identity on the web. It does that by directing your traffic through many proxy servers so nobody can know where the traffic originally came from.

GitHub: Orbot

6)AMAZE File Manager

AMAZE File Manager

With this project, you can learn so much about the Android filesystem and 10 operations in Java/Kotlin in general. You should definitely take a look at it.

GitHub: AMAZE File Manager

7)VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

A very popular player for all kinds of media. You will probably know this program from PC, but it also has an app that is open-source and you can work on it. This will definitely improve your skills in regards to handling media in Android.

GitHub: VLC Media Player

8)TimberX Music Player

TimberX Music Player

If you would like to work on a music player app, the TimberX Music Player app might be a good choice here. It will help you to learn data binding and dependency injection with the Koin library. It is fully written in Kotlin.

GitHub: TimberX Music Player



There are many apps that run in the background and use the internet without your information. Whether it is to restrict these certain apps from sending your data to their servers or to conserve on limited internet quota, you can use NetGuard, making it one of the most useful open source apps for Android. NetGuard is a firewall application that lets you block internet access to certain apps. It features a simple interface with icons for Wi-Fi and mobile internet next to each app and you simply enable or disable internet access per app by simply tapping on these icons.

GitHub: NetGuard

10)Proton VPN

Proton VPN

ProtonVPN is a security and privacy-focused VPN application for Android. If you have an Android device and are looking for a reliable and free VPN client, then the ProtonVPN Android VPN app is one of the best options.

GitHub: Proton VPN


Hope you understand the concept of how to work with many people in a real project and how to understand others’ code.
For any query do comment in the below section.