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12 February 2021
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Hello friends, So today’s topic is related to education. The best online learning the app is WhiteHat Jr. So in this article, we will see how to download and use and WhiteHat Jr review.

In this pandemic situation, all parents wish their children gain some knowledge in one or the other field. So for them, this app is just more than awesome.

Basically the app is the top coding learning platform for young minds.

Using this app we can transform from consumers to creators of the technology.

Even the mission of the Whitehat Jr is to transform kids from consumers to creators of technology forever.

In the app, all the knowledge is present from the beginner’s level to the professional one.

The app provides and teaches the fundamentals of coding-logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking to enable kids to generate creative outcomes.

There are many courses related to animations, coding, website development, creating apps, etc are available in the WhiteHat Jr app.

By taking the full course and doing regular practice the kids are able to make websites, animations, and apps.

The app has become very popular in just a few days of its release and also has gained high ratings and reviews.

When I have written this article there were around 4.4 stars rating and downloads were around 500,000+.

What makes WhiteHat Jr special?

Today in this fast-growing computer age there are very fewer institutes that are offering coding backgrounds from a very low age.

While Review Whitehat Jr introduces and prepares your child from 6-14 years for this new coding world.

They start to learn many new coding skills from a very low age and it is very beneficial.

They also provide LIVE coding classes from there experts.

Each kid registering for a free trial class can create a free personal website in just 30 seconds.

They train the children to think like a problem solver which helps the students in the future.

Experts of the coding educators make the classes more dynamic, ensuring effective concepts learning for all

The educators are handpicked through the Whitehat’s Industry Leading 5-step Teacher Selection Process.

Many new things the child learns when they use this app.

The WhiteHat review is really very useful for today’s world kids.

And the most important benefit of using this is the kid can analyze in which field they are interested and can carry on in that field in the future and can become professional in that particular field.

Through whiteHat Jr’s coding courses, Kid will learn

  • Implement the essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence.
  • Create Websites, Animations, Apps.
  • Analyze data using the programming languages.
  • Think like a problem solver.
  • Understand the way technologies converse with each other.

There are also many more features given by WhiteHat Jr.

  1. Schedule a free trial class.
  2. Create a Personal Website.

WhiteHat Jr Review from Student

here small video in you can see the craziness for this app.

How to Download the WhiteHat Jr app?

The app is available on Google Play Store but if you find any difficulty in finding the app then you can just download it from here.

How to Schedule a free trial in WhiteHat Jr?

  1. First of all, when you open the app you have to provide some basic details about you and your child.
  2. After that, you have to choose the date and time slot.
  3. Then click on the Confirm button and you will get the Congratulations screen.

After this screen, within 3 to 4 working hours, you get a confirmation call from white jr and review your child’s skill.

Requirements for using WhiteHat Jr

For any development language, you can not code on your mobile device. so you must be required a laptop as per coding.

  • Laptop/Computer

Whitehat Jr review

  1. Is WhiteHat Jr free?
    There is only 1 hour free coding class for kids available after that it depends on the course that you select.
  2. Is this app available on iOS?
    No, this app is not available in iOS but the alternative of it is available.
  3. Is WhiteHat Jr good for teachers?
    Well, WhiteHat Jr is the highest paying teacher platform in India.
    So, yes this app is really beneficial for teachers.


The app is really very helpful for kids who want to learn new things in the field of computers.

I personally suggest using this app. Both the teacher and students are benefited from this unique idea that the developer of this app had.

So, for more such interesting ideas and details about various apps that are launching everyday stay tuned with us.

There are many good reviews of WhiteHat Jr.

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So if you guys face any problem while downloading then feel free to comment in the following comment section.