Guardian Tales For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

What is Guardian Tales Game?

Kong Studios has recently released Guardian Tales, a fantasy-adventure game on the Nintendo Switch, which draws inspiration from classic Nintendo titles. With its retro aesthetic, the game aims to captivate players who have a fondness for nostalgic gaming experiences.

One of the standout features of Guardian Tales is its extensive length, offering approximately 100 hours of gameplay. This ensures that players have plenty of content to explore and enjoy. The game encompasses a variety of elements, including immersive storylines and exploration, providing a rich and engaging experience for players.

DeveloperKakao Games Corp.
Size142 MB
Updated4 June 2023
RequirementsPC – Mac

Furthermore, Kong Studios has expressed their commitment to delivering future updates for Guardian Tales. These updates are expected to introduce additional storylines and exploration, promising even more captivating content for players to delve into. With the prospect of ongoing development and new adventures on the horizon, Guardian Tales offers an exciting and ever-expanding world for players to immerse themselves in on the Nintendo Switch.

Guardian Tales Game Features

  • Puzzle Solving Gameplay: Get ready to engage in exciting puzzle-solving gameplay where you’ll encounter various obstacles and challenges. Lift heavy boulders, use explosive bombs, and navigate through hidden pathways to uncover amazing treasures and secrets.
  • Strategic Action Combat: Prepare for intense combat encounters where strategic thinking and quick reflexes are essential. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way through battles against powerful foes and colossal bosses, showcasing your skills and emerging victorious.
  • Challenging Dungeons & Bosses: Explore dark and treacherous dungeons filled with dangers and formidable bosses. Test your mettle as you confront these mighty adversaries, overcoming their challenges to claim victory. Watch out, evil pig monsters, the hero has arrived!
  • Intense PVP and Rankings: Engage in real-time combat against other players in exciting PVP battles. Assemble a synergized party of three heroes and compete for glory and high rankings. Show off your strategic prowess and skills to outmatch your opponents.
  • Hero and Weapon Collection: Collect and choose from a vast array of over 50 unique heroes and more than 100 different weapons. Each hero and weapon possesses distinct abilities and characteristics, allowing for diverse and dynamic gameplay experiences. Build your ultimate team and arm them with the best equipment.
  • Create a Guild with Friends: Forge new alliances and create a guild with your friends. Collaborate, communicate, and showcase your heroic achievements in the Guild House. Have fun socializing with fellow guild members, but remember to take it easy on the Guild Scarecrow!
  • Customize Your Floating Castle: Make your floating castle a reflection of your personality and preferences. Whether you fancy a Pancake House or a Circus, unleash your creativity and customize your island with various structures and decorations. Create a unique and personalized sanctuary for you and your heroes to enjoy.
  • Tribute Parodies: Discover a plethora of in-game easter eggs and tribute parodies that add a touch of fun and intrigue. Challenge yourself to uncover all the hidden references and surprises, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay experience.

Guardian Tales Game FAQs

Q: Who is considered the strongest character in Guardian Tales?

A: According to our analysis, Future Princess is regarded as one of the strongest heroes in Guardian Tales. Players often invest heavily in her due to her exceptional power.

Q: What is the fastest way to increase strength in Guardian Tales?

A: Earning Hero Crystals is crucial for leveling up quickly in Guardian Tales. These crystals play a significant role in enhancing your character’s power. Engage in events, complete quests, and take advantage of in-game activities that offer Hero Crystals as rewards.

Q: How can I acquire super costumes in Guardian Tales?

A: Super Costumes can be obtained through two main methods. You can try your luck crafting them at the Merch Forge, although the chances are relatively low. Another option is to exchange Mystic Thread at the Kamazon Shop for super costumes. Increasing the Collection level of super costumes can boost your hero’s performance.

Q: What are the ways to make my heroes stronger in Guardian Tales?

A: There are multiple ways to strengthen your heroes in Guardian Tales. First, allocate EXP to level up your heroes and increase their stats. Additionally, evolving your heroes using evolution stones unlocks new abilities and boosts their overall power. Don’t forget to unlock Awakening upgrades for your heroes, which provide passive stats and special skills. You can acquire upgrade materials from the daily dungeons.

Q: Who is considered the best healer in Guardian Tales?A: Leaf Fairy Aoba is widely regarded as the top healer in Guardian Tales. She possesses exceptional healing capabilities and is known for her ability to restore substantial amounts of health to the team.

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Guardian Tales Game Tips and Tricks

  • Get A Healer, And Quick: It’s crucial for players to obtain a healer early on in Guardian Tales. Enemies can be formidable, especially for beginners, so having a healer like Karina, who is available after clearing an early stage in the story, can help mitigate damage and sustain the team.
  • Learn Enemy Moves For An Advantage: Understanding enemy moves and patterns is essential for successful battles. Enemies often telegraph their attacks and highlight the areas they will hit in red. By observing these cues, players can anticipate and dodge enemy attacks more effectively, giving them an advantage in combat.
  • Better Start Rerolling: Guardian Tales is a gacha game, meaning players rely on randomized summons to acquire characters and equipment. Starting with unfavorable summons is possible, so players may choose to reroll their account to try for better results. Rerolling involves resetting the account at the beginning of the game to gain multiple summons and increase the chances of obtaining desirable characters or items.
  • Join A Guild, The Rewards Are Good: Joining a guild not only provides a sense of community but also offers various rewards. Guild members can participate in daily attendance programs, allowing them to collect rewards regularly. Additionally, guild members can engage in raids, even if they have weaker teams, and still receive rewards for their contributions.
  • Ignore The Arena Until Late Game: While the Arena may be tempting for players looking to showcase their skills against others, it’s advisable to delay participating until later in the game. Competing against seasoned players who have been playing for a long time can be challenging for newer players. It’s better to focus on progressing through the game and strengthening the team before venturing into competitive PvP.
  • The Resource Dungeons Are Useful At Times: Different resource dungeons serve varying purposes and can be valuable depending on the player’s needs. For example, the Gold dungeon offers a quick way to farm in-game currency, while XP dungeons are beneficial in the early stages for leveling up the team. The usefulness of resource dungeons may evolve as the player progresses, so it’s essential to consider their specific requirements.
  • Wait A Little While To Evolve: Evolution is a powerful way to enhance characters in Guardian Tales, but players should exercise patience before committing to evolving a particular character. Hero crystals, required for evolution and limit breaking, are rare resources with long-term importance. It’s advisable to hold off on using them until later in the game when the player can fully leverage the benefits of evolution nodes and maximize character potential.

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Why play Guardian Tales Game on PC

Guardian Tales features a simple plot where players fight against evil forces, infused with humor and pop-culture references for added charm. The gameplay resembles classic RPGs like the Legend of Zelda, combining combat and puzzle-solving. The controls are easy to learn and can be customized, while the combat is fast-paced and addictive with responsive buttons and flashy visuals.

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