CucoTV For PC – Download Best HD TV App for (Windows & Mac)

CucoTV, is a free OTT application that allows you to stream all your favorite movies and tv shows directly from your PC without any issues.

Basically, instead of paying for expensive subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and other OTT applications, simply get the CucoTV APK MOD on your PC to get the same benefits and features.

Before we go any further, this guide will be showing you how to download and install “CucoTV” on your PC using an Android Emulator.

Now that we are clear on what this guide is all about, let’s first have a closer look into what exactly CucoTV does and what are its features. Once we have gone over all the details, this guide will show you how to safely and securely download the CucoTV APK on your PC.



It is a streaming service available for PC, you can stream all the movies and tv shows that you want. The Official CucoTV has over a thousand movies and shows to choose from and all of them are completely free.

CucoTV is an OTT application, very much like Netflix, Hulu, etc., but what sets it apart from the rest is that there is no subscription fee or any paywall that its users have to experience.

As a result, it’s very famous and widely used by people, so we’ll be seeing how to get this amazing app onto our PC.

First and foremost is to meet the prerequisite requirements before we start the downloading and installing process.

For Windows, to smoothly install it you need to have any of the following Windows 7/8/10 or 11 and for Mac, you would need the latest version.

You can get CucoTV on your smart TV, mobile phones, and even on your gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation as well but that won’t be covered in this guide.

Let us take a closer look at all the features that the CucoTV app has to offer before we go to the installation process.


Free of Cost

The best thing about the CucoTV app is that it offers all the movies and tv shows for free. This is perhaps the best part about getting this application as it doesn’t cost a single dime to get it.

High-Quality Streams

You get to stream HD quality movies and tv shows for your PC anytime and anywhere.

Background Downloading Feature

The CucoTV app offers a multi download feature, this means that you can download multiple movies and shows in the background, hence it also supports offline viewing.

Request Option

Another solid feature of the CucoTV app is that, in case a movie or show that you want to watch is not available, you can simply request it. The CucoTV app highly prioritizes the requests made for shows and movies by its users.

How to Download & Install CucoTV on PC – Using Nox App player

Now that we have a clear idea as to what all the CucoTV app has to offer, let us look at how we can get it on our PC. Keep in mind that we will be using an Android Emulator, Nox App Player, to download and install the CucoTV APK MOD.

Please follow the instructions properly and try to not deviate from the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Download the Nox App Player from the official site and install it onto your PC.

Step 2: Latest CucoTV APK Download from here and install it onto your PC.

Step 3: Make sure both of them are installed and running on your PC.

Step 4: Find the CucoTV APK file on your PC and right-click on it.

Step 5: Select the “Open With” option and choose “Nox App Player”.

Step 6: This will activate the APK installer, let the APK be installed on the Nox App Player.

Step 7: Once the APK has been installed, the CucoTV icon will be displayed on the home screen of your Nox App Player.

Step 8: Open the CucoTV app and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.


Is the CucoTV APK safe to download?

Yes, all the links and steps mentioned in this guide have been personally tried and tested. As long as you follow the steps mentioned in this guide, there will not be any issues regarding safety and privacy.

Is this the only way to get CucoTV on your PC?

No, you can use other methods to get the CucoTV app on your PC. Instead of Nox App Player, you can even use BlueStacks to install CucoTV on your PC. BlueStacks is another Android Emulator for PC that is quite famous and safe.

Does CucoTV have Korean Movies and Shows?

Yes, CucoTV offers all kinds of foreign movies and shows. Boasting a library containing over a thousand movies and shows, you can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for on this application.

Is there an app for CucoTV for Android?

Yes, you can install the CucoTV APK file on your android smartphone and use the CucoTV app.

Is there a dedicated PC version of CucoTV?

No, unfortunately, there is no dedicated version of the CucoTV app for PC. Hence, in order to download and install the CucoTV app, we need to first have an Android Emulator on our PC.


All in all, the CucoTV app is a very solid and safe choice if you want to get an OTT app that is free. It has a lot of features rivaling the best-paid streaming services and is completely free to get, so there is little to no reason to not get this app. Follow the steps and hope you find this guide helpful.

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