Download and Play Days After Survival on PC & Mac (Emulator)

What is Days After Survival?

Days After is a survival game that introduces participants to the challenging task of surviving the never-ending horrors of a zombie outbreak, including hunger, infection, raiders, and swarms of zombies. The game needs players to fight the enemy, shoot, construct, craft, and perform other action-adventure tasks to stay alive. 

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Size123 MB
Updated22 March 2023
RequirementsPC – Mac

The game’s universe is set in the dying days of civilization, where infected people have taken over abandoned cities. Participants must choose between residing or perishing in this frightening post-apocalyptic universe where everything craves blood and brains. The game portrays a soulless planet where everyone is fighting to survive against zombies. Participants must choose their protagonists and train them to fight back zombies as much as possible.

Days After: Survival Features

  • Survival gameplay: The game relies on survival gameplay, where participants must handle their hunger, thirst, wellness, and other assets to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic universe. 

  • Crafting and building: Participants can construct and build different structures and objects to defend themselves against zombies and other participants. 

  • Combat and shooting: The game features heavy battles and shooting mechanics that participants can use to protect themselves against zombie hordes and other participants. 

  • Character development: Participants can choose their protagonists and train them to be more resilient to zombies and other risks. 

  • Multiplayer: The match supports online multiplayer, allowing users to team up with others to survive and start competing against other groups.

  • Day and night cycle: The game has a day and night cycle that impacts the gameplay, where players must explore unique problems and dangers during each process. 

  • Open world: The game offers a wide-open environment with numerous places to explore, loot, and scavenge for supplies.

  • Dynamic weather: The game includes dynamic weather that impacts the gameplay, where participants must adjust to various weather conditions to stay alive. 

  • Resource management: The game needs participants to manage their resources, like food, water, and ammunition, to stay alive in a brutal environment.
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Days After: Survival FAQs

Is Days After Survival a multiplayer game? 

Yes, Days After Survival has a multiplayer mode that enables users to form groups to compete against other teams while surviving.

Can I use a mobile device to play Days After Survival?

Yes, Days After Survival is available on mobiles such as iPhones and android.

Is Days After Survival available for free?

Days After: Survival can be downloaded and played for free, but there are in-app payments for various resources and objects.

How do I build shelters in Days After Survival?

In Days After Survival, you must collect supplies like wood and stone and then utilize them to create a shelter. You can also strengthen your shelter by constructing traps and other defenses.

How do I level up my protagonist in Days After Survival?

You can rank up your protagonist in Days After Survival by completing assignments and goals, killing zombies and other opponents, and upgrading your survivor’s abilities and skills.

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Days After: Survival Tips and Tricks

  • Prioritize shelter and defense: Constructing a shelter, and defensive systems should be your main priority in the game. To protect yourself from zombies and other players, try to fortify your base and set traps. 
  • Scavenge for resources: Scavenging for help is an essential component of the game. Try to explore different places and scavenge for things like food, water, and equipment for crafting. 
  • Update your survivor: Updating your survivor is vital to enhance their resistance to zombies and other dangers. Try to level up your survivor by completing tasks and achieving goals.
  • Team up with other players: Team with your teammates to boost your likelihood of survival. You can work collaboratively, defend each other’s outposts, and take on missions together. 
  • Use stealth: Using stealth is essential for dealing with zombies and other participants. Try to avoid drawing too much focus on yourself, particularly at night when zombies are more aggressive. 
  • Stay aware of the environment: The game’s setting constantly changes, so you must remain mindful of what’s happening around you. Pay attention to the weather, day and night cycle, and other factors affecting your survival.
  • Be cautious of other gamers: Other participants can be a danger to your survival in the game. Always be careful when confronting other players, and avoid engaging in battle unless necessary.
  • Manage resources wisely: In the match, it’s essential to handle resources such as food, water, and weaponry wisely.
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Why Play Days After Survival on PC

Playing Days After Survival on PC has many advantages over playing on smartphones. One of the significant benefits is the large screen display that PCs offer. With a larger screen, you can actively involve yourself in the post-apocalyptic world and appreciate the game’s visuals and graphics. 

This is highly advantageous for a game like Days After Survival, which highlights detailed environments and atmospheric effects. On PC, using a mouse and keyboard makes movement and targeting more precise, facilitating and improving resource management and combat. Playing Days After Survival on a PC provides players with a more pleasurable and interactive experience.

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