Download gDMSS Plus for PC (Windows 7,8,10)

Download gdmss plus For PC, Here, we share how you can download this surveillance app on Windows computers. 

No one wants to accept shoplifters who steal products while you can’t see them; therefore, security is always a priority. If you’re losing money because of a lack of surveillance, then the gDMSS plus application will interest you.

DeveloperZhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd
Updated10 May 2022
RequirementsPC – Mac

The gDMSS Plus app is a remote surveillance programme for Android phones and PC that includes video playback, Windows slide, and more. This program helps you secure your business while keeping track of every activity.

Dahua Technology provides the software gDMSS Plus for PC. The gDMSS Plus for PC primarily links CCTV cameras to computers. This software includes playback control, PTZ control, network administration, audio streaming, and more for managing CCTV cameras on your computer. You can also connect other devices on your PC to gDMSS Plus, such as IP cameras, video monitoring systems, access controls, biometric devices, etc.

The gDMSS Plus for PC software has many features for viewing and managing CCTV cameras. This software is available in various languages, so you can download it in the language you want. It also includes remote playback, backup management, two-way audio, 4K support, user administration, etc. 

The gDMSS Plus software was first released for the Android operating system. Users were thrilled to access their security footage via their smartphones. Most users are now using it on their PC to see their security footage. 

Install gdmss plus on PC → Method 1

Now to install this surveillance app on our pc we need to use the android emulator because there is no official version available on windows or mac store.

Follow the step-by-step process to install gdmss plus on our windows computer or laptop.

  • First, we need an android emulator, you can use any of your choices but here we are going to use LDPlayer but you can also use Bluestacks if you are using Mac.
  • Download the emulator from the official website, install it on your pc and complete the Google sign-in process.
  • Next, open the play store app and search for the gdmss plus app on pc and select the official app.
  • Click on the install button and it will automatically start installing this surveillance app on your emulator.
  • Once the app is installed you can see the gdmss plus icon on your desktop, click on it to start the app.
gDMSS Plus device manager
  • The app screen will look like the screenshot below but it can be different if you are using a different version.
gDMSS Plus App

So this was the first method to download gdmss plus For PC and also cover how to use this free surveillance app on windows.

Also if you want to download gdmss plus for mac then the installation process will be the same as above.

gDMSS Plus App FAQs

Here we have covered some frequently asked questions that may help you download or use gdmss plus on your pc.

What is the use of gDMSS Plus?

gDMSS Plus allows you to watch, replay, and control remote cameras and recorders.

Where is the QR code in Gdmss plus?

On a recorder, the QR code can be located in the Main Menu > Network > P2P and on the device’s box.

Is Gdmss Plus a secure platform?

Yes, the app is safe and secure.

Is it possible to use Gdmss Plus for free?

It is a free and easy to use application.

How to download Gdmss Plus on a PC?

It’s simple! Just follow the steps above.

We hope the above FAQs have answered all of your questions about this surveillance app; please leave a comment below if you still have any doubt.

Download gdmss plus on PC → Method 2

It may be possible that you get an error while downloading the gdmss plus app from the play store.

So here in this method, we are gonna use the apk file of this surveillance app and install it on the emulator.

  • The first step is download, install and open the android emulator and complete all other steps.
  • You can skip the google sign-in process because we are going to use the gdmss plus apk file to install the app.
  • Next get an apk file, drag and drop the file on the android emulator to start the installation.
  • It will start the gdmss plus installation on pc as we install the app on our android devices.
  • Once it is installed you can use this surveillance app on pc as we discussed in our previous method.

Here is the secondary method, so if you get any error while using the first method, then only follow this one.

gDMSS Plus PC App Features

Before you download and use this app, check our below features to get more ideas about this surveillance app.

  • Customize camera views and support up to 128 channels at once.
  • Support for high-resolution videos, such as 4k video streaming
  • The fisheye camera supports Virtual PTZ operation by mouse.
  • You have an option to connect up to 256 separate devices.
  • Support for both mainstream and sub-stream video.
  • Import-export options for software settings.

Here we explored this fantastic surveillance app in detail. So don’t wait and get this app now!Also, see our earlier posts for instructions on installing Super VPN, Textfree, and Via browser app on PC.


So there are two methods to access gdmss plus, and we also provided brief solutions to some often asked questions.

Please let us know if you have any troubles installing this surveillance app on your computer in the comments section below.

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