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What is Guns of Boom?

Guns of Boom is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter that mixes stunning 3D graphics with enjoyable gameplay. The control systems are simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to move in and blow away at their enemies. But don’t be tricked by its accessibility – the game has an impressive skill cap that will challenge even the most seasoned eSports players, keeping you immersed and captivated for hours.

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DeveloperGame Insight
Size881 MB
Updated23 March 2023
RequirementsPC – Mac

With a range of maps to pick from and an array of weapons at your fingertips, you’ll have to employ all your creative and strategic prowess to outsmart your opponents in intense PvP battles. Each contest is quick and action-packed, lasting less than 5 minutes but wrapping in all the exuberance of a full-scale FPS experience.

Guns of Boom Features

  • Customizable characters: Participants can personalize their characters with clothes, firearms, and skins. 
  • Social characteristics: The game has social options that enable participants to connect with friends and form team members to play together. 
  • In-game currency: Players get paid by performing work, which they can use to purchase new equipment and weapons. 
  • Competitions: Guns of Boom frequently hosts tournaments and competitions, giving players a chance to participate against each other and win prizes. 
  • Regular updates: The game provides new weapons, skins, gameplay modes, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.
  • Pro play: The game offers Pro Play mode for tournament games with higher rewards
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Guns of Boom FAQs

Is Guns of Boom an online-only game? 

Yes, Guns of Boom requires an internet connection to play. It is a multiplayer online game where participants engage in intense PvP combat.

Do Guns of Boom have multiple game modes?

Numerous game modes are available in Guns of Boom, including Deathmatch, Control Points, and Capture the Flag. 

How do I earn new weapons and equipment in Guns of Boom? 

You can get new weapons and equipment by completing tasks and upgrading your character. New things can also be bought with real money or in-game cash.

Are Guns of Boom free to play? 

Yes, Guns of Boom is a free application. However, it does involve optional in-app purchases that can improve your gameplay experience.

How do I obtain a drone? 

Every player starts with the Basic drone. As you progress through the leagues, more drones will become available.

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Guns of Boom Tips and Tricks

  • Pick your loadout wisely – Try different weapon systems and find ones that suit your playstyle. Please take into account the weapon’s unique skills, as well as its accuracy and damage metrics. 
  • Master your movement – Practice strafing, climbing, and dodging to make yourself a difficult target to hit. Understand the maps, and make use of the cover. 
  • Target for the head- Headshots cause much more damage than body shots. Thus you can eliminate opponents more quickly by aiming for their heads.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings – Watch for opponents approaching from all directions, and listen for audio cues like footsteps and gunfire.
  • Use your special abilities tactically – Each weapon has its distinctive special ability, such as a rocket launcher or a healing aura. Use these skills at the right time to gain an edge over your enemies. 
  • Communicate with your squad – In collaborative modes, communication is essential. Use the in-game chat to organize with your team members and make effective decisions together. 
  • Personalize your character – Use the tournament’s customization options to personalize your personality and stand out. 
  • Practice – The more you watch, the better you’ll get. Take a moment to refine your abilities and learn from your mistakes; you’ll soon be overpowering the battlefield.
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Why Play Guns of Boom on PC

Guns of Boom is not just any traditional mobile first-person shooter game. Guns of Boom has everything to offer, whether you’re a casual player seeking a brief yet furious action burst or an eSports competitor looking for the next big challenge. 

This exhilarating and addictive game offers a variety of various weapons, gear, and game types, as well as frequent updates and new content, so there’s always something new to learn. Prepare for an epic battle by gathering your supplies and selecting your loadout.

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