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In the first-person stealth game series Hello Neighbor, participants take on the role of a young person trying to invade his neighbor’s home to reveal the hidden secrets lurking in his basement. 

The neighbour values his personal space greatly, and participants must be careful not to be caught breaking into his residence.

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Size1.2 GB
Updated16 April 2022
RequirementsPC – Mac

Hello Neighbor’s control systems on MAC are standard for the genre, with customizable choices that fit player preferences. Participants can jump, communicate with different items, and utilize a variety of instruments to assist in their mission. 

The game starts with the main character chasing a ball around the neighbourhood, and notices the neighbor behaving strangely. From this point on, participants must traverse the environment and attempt to enter the neighbour’s house while avoiding detection.

Hello Neighbor Features 

  • Stealth-based gameplay: The game mainly focuses on stealth and requires people to sneak around their Neighbor’s house without being caught. 
  • Procedurally generated AI: The game’s AI system observes from the player’s performance and adapts to their behaviour, making each playthrough distinct. 
  • Puzzle-solving: The game includes multiple puzzles that participants must solve to advance through the game. 
  • Dynamic environment: As the player advances through the game, the environment changes dynamically, increasing the suspense and tension.
  • Horror aspects: The game has horror aspects, including jump scares and a scary atmosphere, making it an exhilarating experience for gamers. 
  • Multiplayer mode: The game offers a multiplayer mode that enables players to interact with up to three other gamers. 
  • Exploration: The game allows exploration and lets people interact with different items in their Neighbour’s house to find hints.
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Hello Neighbor FAQs

What is the real identity of the Neighbor in this game? 

The Neighbor in Hello Neighbor is Theodore Masters Peterson, an unsteady and unemployed person.

Is Hello Neighbor available for free? 

Dynamic Pixels’ legendary edition, Hello Neighbor, can now be downloaded at no charge.

Can Hello Neighbor be played online? 

Yes, Hello Neighbor can be played online with family and friends. 

How long does it take to finish Hello Neighbor? 

The length of the match can vary based on the team’s skill level and how much time they spend discovering the environment. 

What is the purpose of Hello Neighbor? 

Hello Neighbor aims to peek into your Neighbor’s house and discover the mystery buried in his basement.

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Download Hello Neighbor on Mobile and Emulator

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Hello Neighbor Tips and tricks

  • Plan your approach: Take some time to notice your Neighbor’s moves and develop a strategy of attack before entering his residence. 
  • Use distractions: Use different objects to create distractions and distract your Neighbor’s attention away from you. 
  • Keep quiet: Make sure to move silently and avoid creating noise as your neighbour can hear you. 
  • Take full advantage of hiding spots: There are numerous hiding places in the surroundings that you can use to avoid being caught. 
  • Use your gadgets: Use devices like a flashlight and binoculars to investigate the surroundings and find clues. 
  • Solve puzzles: The game includes multiple puzzles you must solve to advance, so take your time to think things through.
  • Be patient: The game can sometimes be challenging, but staying patient and persistent is essential. If you fail, try again and learn from your mistakes.
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Why play Hello Neighbor on PC

Playing Hello Neighbor on PC can provide an enhanced gaming experience because of better graphics and visuals. Compared to consoles or mobile devices, the PC platform can create more realistic and immersive environments. This can enable a more immersive experience, improving the gameplay and overall enjoyment of the match. 

In addition to improved graphics, playing on a PC can give greater control options. Participants can use a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad, based on their choice, and customize their controls to fit their requirements. This can make the game feel more interactive and adaptable, improving the gameplay experience.

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