RISK: Global Domination For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

What is RISK: Global Domination Game?

RISK: Global Domination is a digital adaptation of the classic board game RISK, which Albert Lamorisse initially developed in the 1950s. SMG Studio created the game, while Hasbro is the publisher. 

In RISK: Global Domination, participants take on the role of military commanders aiming for world domination—the game centres around capturing territories and engaging in strategic warfare to expand their empires. The final objective is to exterminate rivals and conquer most of the world’s continents.

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DeveloperSMG Studio
Size310 MB
Updated24 May 2023
RequirementsPC – Mac

RISK: Global Domination Game Features

  • Multiplayer Mode: RISK: Global Domination enables multiplayer mode with real-time thrilling competition. Players can play in open games or make private rooms in which they can invite their friends to join.
  • Multiple Game Modes: The game has several modes, such as Classic RISK, Secret Mission, and Capital variants. Players can enjoy the game in many ways thanks to each mode’s rules and goals.
  • Customizable Game Rules: In addition to the predetermined game modes, participants can customize their game rules to generate a unique gameplay experience. Participants can change factors such as turn time, initial army placement, and the number of players to create the perfect game.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements: RISK: Global Domination allows players to keep track of their development and compete with other players worldwide.
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RISK: Global Domination Game FAQs

What is the player count for the PC version of Risk?

Enjoy battling against millions of other participants for a complete gaming experience.

How many maps are included in Risk: Global Domination?

Enjoy with your buddies on over 60 maps to get the full gaming experience.

What is the objective of Risk: Global Domination?

Engage in thrilling battles against rivals in the official digital version of the classic Hasbro board game loved by millions worldwide.

What are the PC system requirements for playing Risk?

Before playing this game, make sure your PC satisfies the minimal requirements. This game can run smoothly on low-end systems also as it is not graphic intensive.

What is the minimum age recommended for playing Risk?

This game is advised for participants aged 10+ due to in-app purchases.

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RISK: Global Domination Game Tips and Tricks

  • Plan your moves ahead of time: Spend time planning your course of action and evaluating your choices before taking any action. Examine the map and decide which regions you wish to occupy and how you will defend your current territories
  • Don’t overextend yourself: It can be tempting to set out to overcome as many regions as possible, but spreading yourself too thin can leave you vulnerable to attack. Concentrate on getting a few important areas and setting up your military there before expanding further.
  • Prioritize continents: Managing entire continents provides major advantages to your armies, so prioritizing the regions that give the biggest bonuses is worth prioritizing. For instance, gaining control of all of Europe would boost seven additional armies per round, making it a worthwhile aim.
  • Pay attention to card bonuses: Gathering sets of cards can give you bonus armies, so it’s worth paying focus to the cards you have and planning how to collect sets. Consider keeping onto cards until later in the game because the benefits get bigger as the game progresses.
  • Use diplomacy to your advantage: Sometimes, forming partnerships with other players is beneficial rather than harming them outright. Consider providing temporary alliances to take down a common enemy or establishing trades to obtain regions you need.
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Why play RISK: Global Domination Game on PC

Playing RISK: Global Domination on PC provides an interesting and complete gaming experience. With the larger screen size of a PC monitor, participants can fully appreciate every detail of the world map and quickly navigate the territories.

The improved graphics and greater resolution on PC provide amazing visuals, making the game visually appealing and engaging. In addition, the PC setup enables precise control, whether making strategic moves or handling armies with greater accuracy.

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