Best Social Media Apps You Are Probably Unaware Of

You might have been an active user of all or at least one of the popular social media platforms for a while now and it’s likely that have started getting bored. You may want to know what other options are there. What if we tell you that you can find yourself a whole wide world out there of social media networking sites. At the same time, they are criminally underrated, especially considering how entertaining and interesting they are.

All these social media sites listed below are less known and underrated, yet they offer one of the best features. You can get pretty addicted to them once you begin to use them. Trust us, we have spent hours mindlessly scrolling on these sites.

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Having said that, let’s move forward to the main part of our article and talk about the hidden gems in the world of social media. These are one of the most amazing yet criminally underrated social networking sites you are probably unaware of.


source: Googleplay

Wattpad is a favorite place of every avid reader. You can find countless fanfictions and different stories on this social media platform. If you actively participate in the online book community, then you are probably aware of it. But if you are a newbie and want to have a place where you can interact, communicate and meet people with shared interests and mutual love for books, novels, and everything related to literature, then we suggest you check out this platform.

It is not only for reading. If you are a writer, be it a beginner, amateur, or even professional then Wattpad is a place you want to be. There is a charm to it, a grace that makes the whole concept of having a reading nook in a corner of your room, where you can sit and read through different stories.

Confession: We are guilty of using Wattpad even during our college classes.

Wattpad is a huge community consisting of readers and writers.  It can help you polish your skills so you can publish your work someday. This site can help you in creating your community before you make it your full-time profession. You can get feedback from other up-and-coming writers and share your views with them.


Source: Reddit

Okay, here is the truth; you have got to be living under a rock if you have never heard of Reddit. This social networking site is hands down one of the best you can get your hands on. Truth be told, you can also often find us reading through the subreddits probably as the clock strikes midnight.

This site hosts endless stories that can easily keep you glued to your screens for hours on end. You can find posts on any kind of topic, such as ARG (Alternate Reality Games), CreepyPasta, Conspiracy Theories, History, Books, Podcasts, Fitness and Health, and literally whatnot.

The site is a vast field for networking. You can share experiences, stories, pictures, text messages and many more content with other users. After publishing your posts, you give the other users a chance to either like them or dislike them by casting their vote for it.  

Just a heads up, if you are ready to pull all-nighters then join this app today because you will be going down the rabbit hole for sure.


Source: Googleplay

Let your inner aesthete come out with this wonderful app. If you ask us to describe Pinterest in one word then we would probably call it wholesome. This is primarily because of the unproblematic content you get on it and the aesthetically pleasing one as well.

Pinterest is essentially a visual social networking site. It being underrated is purely a crime. But this thing also makes it one of the most peaceful places you can find on the world wide web. If you find other top social networking apps quite overwhelming sometimes, then Pinterest is the right place for you to escape and unwind.

It lets you put out your talent or skills for the world to see or you can simply “pin” or save other people’s work to create your own stunning board. You can come across umpteen ideas for anything you want, be it art or life goals, this app has it all.

So, if you are looking to add a whole lot of aesthetics to your life, then it is a perfect time for you to join this fantastic app.

Final Words

From reading other up-and-coming writers to showcasing your magic, skills, and talent, these aforementioned social medial platforms have everything you ever wanted in an app. So, don’t wait any longer and change your social networking habits by switching to these apps today.

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