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What is Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is an action-packed multiplayer game where you’ll compete against up to 32 other players in exciting battles. You’ll have to conquer a vast array of obstacles to achieve victory. Drawing inspiration from the extremely popular Fall Guys game, Stumble Guys is an adored title among younger players worldwide.

Stumble Guys Logo
DeveloperKitka Games
Size101 M
Updated15 June 2022
RequirementsPC – Mac

With its lively and eye-catching visuals, Stumble Guys transforms you into a video game version of the old Takeshi’s Castle TV show. Each round includes numerous challenges that only a particular number of players can finish. In each challenge, your goal is to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line. 

Although the journey won’t be easy, it’s sure to keep you beaming from ear to ear. Prepare yourself for the dangers that lie ahead, including enormous snowballs, falling platforms, revolving doors, wrecking balls, and more!

Stumble Guys Features 

  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Stumble Guys is developed for online multiplayer gameplay, in which up to 32 players can participate against each other in various rounds and obstacles. 
  • Unique Characters: The game provides a variety of special and exciting characters to choose from, such as dinosaurs, robots, and more. 
  • Obstacle Courses: Participants should navigate numerous obstacle courses, each with problems and obstacles. These courses evaluate players’ timing, reflexes, and agility.
  • Power-Ups: Participants can gather power-ups scattered throughout the courses to give themselves an edge over opponents. 
  • Customization Options: Participants can customize their character profiles’ appearance with different clothes and accessories, making them stand out in the match. 
  • Cross-Platform Support: Stumble Guys supports cross-platform play, enabling individuals to compete with each other across multiple devices. 
  • Regular Updates: The developers regularly release updates for the match, introducing additional characters, training, and features to keep the gameplay exciting and new.

Stumble Guys FAQs 

What devices is Stumble Guys available on? 

Stumble Guys is accessible on PCs through Steam, iOS, and Android devices. 

Is Stumble Guys free to play? 

Yes, Stumble Guys is a free-to-play game. But you can purchase new clothes and accessories for your avatar through in-app purchases.

How many people can enjoy Stumble Guys at once? 

Up to 32 players can participate in Stumble Guys in each round or contest. 

Do Stumble Guys have cross-platform assistance? 

Stumble Guys allows for cross-platform play, enabling players to compete across several devices. 

How frequently are updates made in Stumble Guys? 

The developers regularly release updates for the game, making the game more exciting and thrilling.

Stumble Guys Online Multiplayer

Download $Game or App$ on Mobile and Emulator

  • Download the Game on Android using Playstore
  • Download the Game on Apple using Appstore
  • Download and Play on Windows PC using LDPlayer
  • Download and Play on Mac using BlueStacks

Stumble Guys Tips and tricks. 

  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you engage with the game, the better you’ll get at traversing the obstacle courses. Hence, continue improving your talents by practicing.
  • Stay Focused: Don’t get distracted by other gamers or the chaos around you. Focus on crossing the finish line by keeping your eyes on the route. 
  • Timing is Key: Timing is crucial in Stumble Guys, so be cautious and patiently wait for the appropriate time to make your move. 
  • Pay Attention to Your Surroundings: Keep an eye on the hurdles and the direction ahead of you, and be aware of other gamers trying to bump you off the course.
  • Take Risks: Occasionally, taking risks can pay off. Take advantage of the chance to avoid a difficult hurdle if you see one. But be careful not to get caught behind the pack. 
  • Create Your Character: Adding unique clothing and accessories will help you stand out in the game and instill more identity.
Stumble Guys Customize

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Stumble Guys Play With Friends

Why play Stumble Guys on PC

Stumble Guys is a popular game available on various platforms, including PC. One of the significant reasons others want to play Stumble Guys on PC is the better graphics. Playing the game on a desktop with a good graphics card can improve the visual experience, making the game more interactive and enjoyable. A bigger screen can also make the experience more realistic, enabling players to see more details and anticipate difficulties more quickly.

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