The Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for 2023

Do you need to edit your videos and are you questing for the best mobile video editing apps to make this easy for you? Don’t worry! We have presented here a list of mind-bobbling video editing apps for iOS and Android to boost your creativity. 

Amidst great innovations in camera lenses, filming videos has become interestingly popular in this social media era. From social media celebrities to professional video makers to commoners, everybody wants to try their hands to edit every piece of footage they filmed. And with some best video editing apps, one can effortlessly do it. 

So, let’s jump onto the list to unleash your creativity level!

What is the best mobile video editing app?

Mobile phones are not just limited to playing games. You can do many professional kinds of activities like the photo or video editing. Whether Android or iPhone, both kinds of mobile devices provide many features for video editing. 

But if you want to make some professional-looking changes, a lot of video editing apps are available in the market. So, to make this sorted for you, let’s have a look at the list of 10 best mobile video editing applications!

WeVideo (iOS and Android)

WeVideo is one of the top cloud-based video editing apps that let it be in the top position. It lets you use almost every basic feature needed to edit a video in its free version. And if you want to use its commercially licensed library with 4K resolution video editing, you can use the pro version. 

The platform is fully loaded with easy-to-use tools and mind-blowing effects. With WeVideo, you can make videos for teams, schools, businesses, or entertainment. 

Some important points to know about WeVideo

  • You can create ROI-driven multimedia content like team training, enabling sales, etc. 
  • You can edit the videos on any connected device.
  • It provides upto 1 GB of free cloud storage space.
  • You can choose different kinds of editing modes.
  • You can fully control the editing with various elements like text, transmissions, and motion effects. 

Adobe Premier Rush (Android and iOS)

The next option on the list is Adobe Premier Rush. It is a free mobile video editing app to shoot, edit and share good-quality videos. If you want to be king in your social media followers’ feeds via videos, it is a nice option to try.

The platform provides you with enough flexibility to make creative videos. You can automatically convert video to desired quality and aspect ratio. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it very easy to edit video. 

Some important points to know about Adobe Premier Rush

  • You can easily add and edit polished titles with their default template range.
  • It lets you quickly share your videos in any aspect ratio to various social media channels.
  • You can also change the pace of the video with speed controls.
  • It lets you add transitions by dragging in a very simple way.
  • You can use its free library to add different soundtracks without using any separate soundboard apps

Vimeo Create (Android and iOS)

With Vimeo Create, you can make hours-taking outstanding videos within a few minutes. You can easily make, edit, share, and customize videos with just one platform. 

You can choose from over 2000 professionally designed templates as per your needed video event. You can even use stock footage and images from the Vimeo library. Its after-effect feature to add animations to your video makes it a nice option.  

Some important points to know about Vimeo Create

  • It provides easy-to-use tools to add captions to your videos.
  • It also gives suggestions for themes, colors, music, fonts, etc. to add to your videos. 
  • Vimeo Create has a direct connection with Shopify to publish videos to your storefront.
  • You can make your own brand videos with personalized logos.
  • You can choose from various graphic animations, filters, and layouts. 

Quik (Android and iOS)

One of the top-rated mobile video editing apps is Quik from GoPro. It is best suited to make personalized multi-clip highlight reels. You can easily import photos or videos that need to be edited from any other phone or camera.

The AI usage in the functionality of the app is super rich. It analyses the video to monitor colors and faces very well to get the correct frame. You can have access to over 100 songs to create superb videos which makes it a powerful app to try.

Some important points to know about Quik

  • The platform is very perfect for video montages.
  • You can use over 28 video formats as per customization needs.
  • You can save your favorite videos with its high-storage cloud backup.
  • You can change the speed of the video with just one click.
  • The AI (artificial intelligence) editing assistance of the app is a very unique feature. 

Kine Master (Android and iOS)

The next mobile video editing app choice on the list is Kine Master which lets you create mind-blowing videos in just a few minutes. You can edit upto 4k videos and it also lets you share that on Youtube. 

Kine Master supports multi-layer videos with animation using preset filters or keyframe animation. If you are a professional editor, you can try your hands on Kine Master. 

Some important points to know about Kine Master

  • You can choose from thousands of the latest video templates.
  • You can also share your video as a template with other people.
  • It lets you save the work on cloud storage to access it later from any other device.
  • The intuitive UI of the platform is well enough to create professional-grade editing.
  • Chroma key, magic remover, adjustments, and color filters are some of the significant features of Kine Master. 

PowerDirector (Android and iOS)

If you are looking for a productive and dedicated video editing app for your mobile device, PowerDirector is a great option. You can edit multiple-track timeline videos. 

It has good support for creating slow-motion videos and collages. The interface is so simple to use apart from being a pro-level video modifying tool. 

Some important points to know about PowerDirector

  • The drag-and-drop feature lets you do super fast editing.
  • You can even remove unnecessary objects from the videos and compose different videos together.
  • You can use animated stickers, callouts, and shapes to make videos more attractive.
  • With AI motion tracking, you can use texts or graphics as per the motion of the object. 

Promeo (iOS and Android)

If you are searching for a video editor to make social media content, Promeo is a good-to-go option. You can choose from thousands of video templates to fastly edit videos for various platforms.

You can create social channel posts or ads with Promeo within a few taps. The app allows you to do editing in just 3 simple steps selecting a template, then customizing the logo, and finally customizing the text. And here you are ready to get the content.

Some important points to know about Promeo

  • You can do color adjustments of a vast range to make your branding consistent.
  • You can recklessly remove objects from the images and put that in videos with its powerful AI cutout feature.
  • The app lets you access globally renowned stock libraries.
  • It has an awesome feature of the brand kit builder. 

InShot (Android and iOS)

If you know a little about video and photo editing apps, you must have heard about InShot. The app is so popular among young ones with millions of positive reviews online. 

The interface is so simple to use that every beginner can edit on its own. The app has a direct connection with social platforms to edit videos as per the requirements of various platforms. If you are a social media entertainer, especially a newbie, InShot is the perfect platform for you. 

Some important points to know about InShot

  • You can easily trim, split, and merge videos. 
  • You can also adjust the speed of the video with easy-to-use features.
  • You can use famous vlog music or your music for the videos.
  • It lets you easily synchronize stickers and text with videos. 
  • This customer-friendly app is ideal for social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, etc. 

InVideo (Android and iOS)

The next easy-to-use mobile video editing app is InVideo with a very pleasing user interface. You can easily add trending music to make social media-friendly reels.

The ready-made templates with the app simplify video creation. A fantastic thing regarding the app is the different subject categories like beauty, gaming, romance, cooking, etc. You can select the trending music of the category you want and you are ready with your video.  

Some important points to know about InVideo

  • You can easily customize your own template for your brand.
  • You can easily add stock media and images.
  • It provides support for AI-based text-to-video editor tools.
  • You can even record a voice-over for your video.

PicPlayPost (Android and iOS)

The last option on the list is PicPlayPost which is a good option to go to make video collages. You can effortlessly trim videos and add music for your own. You can also edit the background of the video collages with just a few clicks.

The app is well suitable for Instagram and YouTube influencers, particularly for those who add a video within a video. The platform is also well-used for making video tutorials. 

Some important points to know about PicPlayPost

  • You can make upto 30 minutes of videos with its powerful tool set.
  • You can make upto 9 frame video and photo collages.
  • You can even customize your own watermark. 
  • PicPlayPost provides MP4 audio compatibility. 
  • You can select desired aspect ratio as per your project’s requirements. 

End Note

Video content is dominating the online market, especially social media platforms. With such outstanding video editing application options, you just need a mobile gadget and a suitable app and you are ready to get creative videos. 

We have curated this list of the 10 best mobile video editing apps for Android and iOS both platforms as they are the most preferred operating systems. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite one and shake the world with your creative videos!

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