Xmeye For PC Download (Windows 10)

Download Xmeye For PC, Here I share two methods to download, install and use it on mac and windows 7, 8, 10 for free.

Xmeye is an Ultimate choice to consider these days when a user wants to have remote access to IPC and DVR with the help of their mobile devices.

Xmeye For PC
Size38 MB
Updated28 January 2022
RequirementsWindows 7, 8, or 10

Xmeye PC app was developed by Huangwanshui. This software is beyond imagination and allows the users to have video surveillance removed with the help of their mobile devices.

It clearly indicates that the security of the surroundings will be maintained. It doesn’t matter in which surrounding the Xmeye app is utilized, but it provides ultimate options.

Cloud technology is also integrated into the same app, to which users can have access by performing the login with the same serial number of DVR on the app and viewing the footage live on their devices.

If a user wants to scan the QR code, a DVR option is also available. Within no time, there will be clear details available. And they can easily understand if things are going on as they have wanted or not with the Xmeye PC app.

Security will be maintained by the surroundings so that users can roam around without having any thought about security.

No one in the surrounding area is going to think that someone is keeping an eye on them. This will act as the hidden source for analyzing the surroundings.

Xmeye PC application is available for Android and iOS both. But Android users need to get the APK version, and iOS users can get it directly from the Apple app store.

A user can easily search for the operating devices in the system manually with the help of the application.

Install Xmeye on PC (Free) → Method 1

Now to install this free video monitoring app on our pc we need to use the android emulator because there is no official version available on windows or mac store.

Follow the step-by-step process to install Xmeye on our windows computer or pc.

  • First, we need an android emulator, you can use any of your choices but here I am gonna use bluestacks.
Search Video Surveillance App
  • Download the emulator from the official website, install it on your pc and complete the Google sign-in process.
Install Xmeye on PC
  • Next, open the play store app and search for the Xmeye app on pc and select the official app.
Open Video Surveillance App
  • Click on the install button and it will automatically start installing this free video monitoring app on your emulator.
Xmeye Windows App
  • Once the app is installed you can see the Xmeye icon on your desktop, click on it to start the app.
Use Xmeye on PC
  • The app screen will look like the screenshot below but it can be different if you are using a different version.
Download Xmeye For PC

Above I share the first method to download Xmeye For PC, now the installation process will be the same for windows and mac.

App FAQs

Here I have covered some frequently asked questions that may help you download or use Xmeye on your PC.

How do I install XMEye on my smart TV?

For some smart TV, you can directly download this app from the google play store. But many TV can’t use this app as of now.

How do I install XMEye on my PC?

For that first, install the android emulator on your pc and then install this free video monitoring app on the emulator.

What is XMEye app?

This is one of the best video monitoring apps for IPC and DVR available in the market.

Is the Xmeye app available on PC?

There is no official version of this app available on the windows or mac store. But with an android emulator, we can use this free video monitoring app on our pc.

Why is XMEye net not working?

A common problem of why this app is not working is the internet connection. Either it’s not working or it is slow. 

These are some FAQs on this free video monitoring app and I hope you found it useful, if you still have any questions let me know in the comment box.

Download Xmeye For PC (Windows) → Method 2

It may be possible that you get an error while downloading the Xmeye app from the play store. So here in this method, we are gonna use the apk file of this free video monitoring app and install it on the emulator.

  • The first step is download, install and open the android emulator and complete all other steps.
  • You can skip the google sign-in process because we are going to use the Xmeye apk file to install the app.
  • Next get an apk file, drag and drop the file on the android emulator to start the installation.
  • It will start the Xmeye installation on pc as we install the app on our android devices.
  • Once it is installed you can use this free video monitoring app on pc as we discussed in our previous method.

Make sure you download the Xmeye apk file from authentic sources only because it’s about your device and your safety.

Xmeye PC App Features 

Multiple features are there integrated into the application, which makes it a must choice to consider. Let’s have a look at all of the features:

  • This application allows the users to view the places remotely. This really means there will be no need for them to fit right in front of the screen and then analyze the surroundings.
  • Cloud technology is integrated into it, which means that storing the content will be easy, and no such trouble will be there.
  • Users will have remote access over DVR and IPC easily with the help of Xmeye on PC. And app gets updated automatically whenever there is the latest version, there will be no need for a user to search.
  • This application is free to use, which clearly means that there will be no need for a user to pay even a single penny for using it.
  • A user can record footage live and take snapshots as well whenever required in the Xmeye PC app.
  • Two-way audio via bi-directional talk option is also there, which is working effortlessly with all the options integrated into it.
  • A user can customize the settings as per their requirement and do the categorization according to high and priorities.
  • Here we have come to an end and discussed a detailed review about Xmeye. If you want to have access to the surroundings and don’t want to miss activities happening.

Get this Xmeye pc app right now on your device and be ready to enjoy all the options available on it. This application is a storehouse for all those who are quite strict about the security in their surroundings.

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So we have discussed two methods to download Xmeye For PC, and also cover some best features of this app.

If you get any errors while installing this free video monitoring app on pc. Then let me know in the comment box. I will help you to solve it.

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