Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a thrilling horror game that takes you to the ruins of a toy factory with a magic hand called “GrabPack”. As Chapter 2 directs, it is a sequel to “Poppy Playtime Chapter 1” and continues right after the 1st chapter. The main character is the same person that was in 1st chapter. This time the main player is confronted by Mommy Long Legs, a scary doll with stretchable limbs. You can experience the puzzles and horrors that exceed the previous chapter!

The game begins in the first-person perspective. There are two palms of different colours, which will help you interact with this horror world. In this game, you can select various objects and carry them; with special buttons, you can connect different elements. The continuation of the chapter will depend on your actions, and you will discover more and more as you progress about the factory’s history.

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DeveloperMOB Games Studio
Size1.05 GB
Updated10 October 2022
RequirementsPC – Mac

The network of complex mazes will be the most challenging aspect of the game. Long corridors connecting every factory room make the player feel lost. But in addition, there are numerous dangers, crafty traps, and challenging hurdles throughout the mazes. To avoid falling into a trap, it is essential to understand how to navigate by sound and light.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 PC Game Features 

Great horror

The title does a great task of being scary as it builds on the game’s initial release, introduces a new character, and manages to pack a lot of chills and thrills into the game.

Excellent graphics for an indie

Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2’s graphics are relatively sharp and well-done, in contrast to the poor graphics found in many indie games. The backdrop is, as always, ambient and beautifully introduces the game’s overall feeling.

Thrilling gameplay

The title creates a three-dimensional virtual world. The user plays as the main character to avoid the hurdles in the level and enjoy the thrill and fun of hide-and-seek to escape the horror place to enjoy freedom.

Immersive gaming experience

Discover a toy factory full of horror, gather props and free yourself from a dangerous place with sound effects that are quite immersive, creating a terrifying aura for players.

New Location

Discover Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, one of the most popular locations, the Game Station! This station offers a lot of fun, a playground, and much more. The train offers a straight shot right out of the horror factory.

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Game FAQs

What happens when you accidentally drop any item?

You must perform every action the player takes with caution. The dangerous Mommy will run over to kill you if you unintentionally drop any object and move.

What is the purpose of this game?

There are numerous barriers that players must overcome to leave this scary toy factory ultimately.

Why should I collect more props?

You will learn the mysteries of this toy factory as you gather more props. The game also offers additional prices and rewards for completing tasks.

Is this game thrilling?

The brand-new survival game with horror characters, sinister music, etc., enhances the tension and realism of the experience, making it quite thrilling. 

How to play this game on PC?

It’s easy; just download the apk from the link below, install the game for free, and experience the thrilling adventure.

Our take: Should you download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2?

Yes, if you are a fan of horror games and want something to pass the time, it’s worth giving a try. You will spend numerous hours playing this game, clearing stages and receiving rewards. This game is three times the size of the first chapter, which makes you delve deeper into the toy factory. It also offers Mind-numbing puzzles to escape from the Mommy. So use the link below and install Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 on your PC device today!

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