Download Temple Run 2 for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Download Temple Run 2 For PC, Here, I share how you can download this endless runner game on Windows computers. 

Temple Run 2 follows the basic system of the endless runner game genre, with 3D gameplay that describes our adventurer as he runs through ancient ruins at full speed. Enjoy navigating harsh terrain filled with hurdles, quickly reacting by jumping, sliding, gliding, and collecting as many coins as possible to unlock cosmetic upgrades or new gameplay content. 

DeveloperImangi Studios
Updated28 March 2022
RequirementsPC – Mac

There are also more characters to play with and new environments and circumstances to race through, making this sequel even more exciting than the previous. Overall, we’re talking about a great action and adventure game that you must play if you want fast-paced amusement.

Coins are the in-game currency that you may use to unlock new characters, extend the length of your power-ups, and speed up the filling of the coin bar. You will utilise gems for consumable things like respawns, which prevent you from returning to the beginning of the level.

This game will gameeal to a wide range of gamers. That means that both youngsters and parents, console gamers and mobile gamers, will agree that this game is worthwhile to play.

Temple Run 2’s graphics have improved much over its predecessor when it comes to visuals. The surroundings have more variety and gameear to be more vibrant. You’re zip-lining through the air one minute, then plunging over a river or a mine to ride a cart. The versatility is lovely, and it adds to the game’s gameeal and enjoyment. 

You’re running in a temple in the sky in Temple Run 2, so everything is out in the open. On the other hand, this new sky temple is fantastic, making the level design more dynamic. It has a more natural feel to it, and it keeps you on your toes just a little more because you never know what’s around the next corner.

Install Temple Run 2 on PC → Method 1

Now to install this endless runner game on our pc we need to use the android emulator because there is no official version available on windows or mac store.

Follow the step-by-step process to install Temple Run 2 on our windows computer or laptop.

  • First, we need an android emulator, you can use any of your choices but here we are going to use LDPlayer but you can also use Bluestacks if you are using Mac.
  • Download the emulator from the official website, install it on your pc and complete the Google sign-in process.
  • Next, open the play store app and search for the Temple Run 2 game on pc and select the official game.
  • Click on the install button and it will automatically start installing this endless runner game on your emulator.
  • Once the game is installed you can see the Temple Run 2 icon on your desktop, click on it to start the game.
  • The game screen will look like the screenshot below but it can be different if you are using a different version.

So this was the first method to download Temple Run 2 For PC and also cover how to play this free endless runner game on windows.

Also if you want to download Temple Run 2 for mac then the installation process will be the same as above.

Temple Run2 Game FAQs

Here we have covered some frequently asked questions that may help you download or play Temple Run 2 on your pc.

Is Temple Run 2 is a never-ending game?

Yes, Imangi Studios developed and published Temple Run 2, an infinite running computer game.

Who is the fastest character in Temple Run 2?

Usain Bolt is the fastest character.

Is Temple Run 2 available to play online or offline?

You’ll need an online connection to play Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows on Poki.

Is it possible to play Temple Run 2 for free?

Temple Run 2 is a free game to play.

Is Temple Run 2 safe for kids?

Temple Run 2 is suitable for children aged six and up because it contains very little cartoon violence.

I hope the above FAQs have answered all of your questions about this endless runner game; please leave a comment below if you still have any doubt.

Download Temple Run 2 on PC → Method 2

It may be possible that you get an error while downloading the Temple Run 2 game from the play store.

So here in this method, we are gonna use the apk file of this endless runner game and install it on the emulator.

  • The first step is download, install and open the android emulator and complete all other steps.
  • You can skip the google sign-in process because we are going to use the Temple Run 2 apk file to install the game.
  • Next get an apk file, drag and drop the file on the android emulator to start the installation.
  • It will start the Temple Run 2 installation on pc as we install the game on our android devices.
  • Once it is installed you can play this endless runner game on pc as we discussed in our previous method.

Here is the secondary method, so if you get any error while using the first method, then only follow this one.

Temple Run 2 PC game Features 

Before you download and play this game, check our below features to get more ideas about this endless runner game.

  • Don’t allow the cursed idol to getting too close to you with these new power-ups. Use your abilities to get rid of it and collect more coins.
  • The monkey has grown in size to make your escape time more exciting and enjoyable.
  • To boast in front of your buddies, collect coins and fancy add-ons.
  • Enhanced graphics give the levels a more realistic feel.
  • Run as one of several new characters, each with a unique ability that can be pretty useful.
  • Aside from the updated design, the game also includes many maps to explore. The maps depict several biomes, each with its own set of obstacles and features.

Don’t miss the opportunity of making a record with upgraded characters and fancy add-ons.

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So there are two methods to access Temple Run 2, and I also provided brief solutions to some often asked questions.

Please let us know if you have any troubles installing this endless runner game on your computer in the comments section below.

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