Download and Play War Robots on PC & Mac (Emulator)

What is War Robots?

War Robots is an exciting action and adventure game available on PC, where participants can create competitive teams of robots to participate in multiplayer battles and defeat their opponents.

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Size130 MB
Updated16 April 2023
RequirementsPC – Mac

One of the most exciting factors of War Robots is the wide variety of firearms at your disposal. With over 45 robots from which to choose, you can also acquire a new arsenal of attacks to eliminate enemy forces. The game provides more than 50 kinds of firearms, such as pistols, missiles, and plasma cannons, allowing participants to customise their strategies. 

The stunning 3D graphics add to the overall allure of War Robots, offering an interactive and exciting experience. In addition, participants can develop an indestructible clan, further boosting the game’s social aspect.

War Robots features 

  • Customisable Robots: Participants can customise their robots by selecting from various firearms, components, skins, and other items. This helps in creating their own unique playstyle and strategic plan. 
  • Multiplayer Battles: War Robots lets players team up with friends or connect random players in multiplayer fights. These fights occur on numerous maps with different goals, like capturing beacons, destroying enemy robots, or protecting a location.
  • PvE mode: The game includes a PvE (Player versus Environment) mode in which participants can collaborate to fight against waves of AI-controlled robots. This feature allows participants to earn rewards and experience while enhancing their skills. 
  • Clans: War Robots enable players to create or join clans with other gamers. Clans can participate in activities, share resources, and collaborate to accomplish common goals. 
  • Competitive Play: The game has a ranked mode where participants can fight against each other in a more competitive market. Players can earn perks and climb the ranks by winning the match and enhancing their skills. 
  • Realistic Graphics: The 3D visuals in War Robots are outstanding and have genuine locations, robots, and special effects. This increases the intensity and impact of the battles.
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War Robots FAQs

How can I play War Robots on my desktop or smartphone? 

War Robots is available for Windows, iOS, and Android phones. You can install it on your mobile device via the Google Play store or use an emulator to download it on your PC. 

How many robots are featured in War Robots? 

You can choose from over 50 robots in the game War Robots, each with unique skills and features that help you customise your gaming experience. 

Can I play War Robots with my companions? 

Yes, you can! Create a squad by clicking on the “Shield” icon in the top right corner of the game screen and start playing with your friends. You can invite other players, clan members, or players you’ve met in previous fights. 

What are Legendary Rewards in War Robots? 

Legendary Trophies are granted to all Champion League players with rating points above 5000 at the end of every campaign. 

Is War Robots a free-to-play game? 

Yes, War Robots is a free-to-play strategy game where two groups of six players fight using powerful robots.

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Download $Game or App$ on Mobile and Emulator

  • Download the Game on Android using Playstore
  • Download the Game on Apple using Appstore
  • Download and Play on Windows PC using LDPlayer
  • Download and Play on Mac using BlueStacks
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War Robots tips and tricks 

  • Choose the Perfect Robot: Each robot in the game has various benefits and drawbacks. Choose a robot that fits your playing style. 
  • Enhance Your Weapons: Upgrading your firearms will boost their range and precision. Focus on upgrading your primary firearms first, then updating your secondary firearms and modules. 
  • Beacon Capture: In the Domination game style, beacon capture is essential for victory. Try to capture as many beacons as feasible and protect them from the opponent team. 
  • Keep Your Team Together: Keep your teammates close while you fight the enemy robots. This will increase your odds of survival and make you win battles. 
  • Use Cover: Use barriers and structures on the map as cover to avoid getting hit by enemy forces. This will also assist you in getting closer to your opponents without taking too much harm.
  • Manage Your Heat: Firing your firearms creates heat; if your robot overheats, it will become momentarily disabled. Track your heat levels and try to avoid heating up in the middle of a battle.
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Why play War Robots on PC

There are many factors why playing War Robots on PC can improve your gameplay experience. Firstly, the bigger screen size and better PC resolution make navigating the game much easier and provides an interactive experience. Moreover, playing on a PC allows for more customisations, like modifying graphics settings and configuring mods or third-party software to improve gameplay.

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